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Balancing Work and Life

Heads Up Corporate Sponsored Childcare
Google participates in a corporate membership with Heads Up allowing employees to have significant priority on their waiting list, just after those families with siblings already in the program. Heads Up! has 3 centers in California -- Palo Alto, San Jose, and Pleasanton -- any of which Google employees can sign-up and receive priority for admission. In addition, once you get in the program Google will pay 5% of the monthly tuition.

Free services for all Googlers for help with personal issues, assistance with childcare providers, answers to legal questions, advice about money, services for an older relative, and guidance with career.

Concern provides short term counseling, crisis intervention and referrals for help with marital and family problems, emotional distress job stress, alcohol or drug problems, loss and death. Referrals to infant centers, preschools, adoption assistance, care for sick children, emergency/drop-in care. Legal counseling on IRS Matters, personal and family services and business legal services. Financial Counseling. Older Adult Service if you're caring for an elderly relative and Career Management. Counselors help assess on-the-job career development issues, clarify skills, interests, values and work styles.

On-Site Dental
Enjoy the convenience and comfort of dentistry performed just steps away from your desk! On-site Dental Care brings state-of-the-art dentistry to a nearby parking lot on a regular basis so stop putting off that cleaning.

On-site Gym
If being unable to get to the gym is your excuse for not exercising, Google brings the gym to you. We have free weights, Nautilus, cardio machines including a treadmill, rowing machine and climbing machine. You might even get roped into some of the informal employee contests and challenge yourself to reach a higher fitness level through competition.

Maternity Leave
Having a baby?? Google will supplement SDI payments to bring your salary up to 75% of your salary for the first 3 months. During your medical leave, your health, dental and vision care plans will continue. Your vacation time will continue to accrue and stock options will continue to vest for the first 90 days of disability. You also receive $50 a day to spend on Waiters On Wheels for the first two weeks that you are home with your new baby.

Paternity Leave
Google believes it is important for new dads to establish a bond with their newborns. To celebrate the addition of your new offspring, Google will provide two weeks of paid leave to spend with your child (and catch up on your sleep). You also receive up to $50 a day to spend on Waiters On Wheels for the first two weeks that you are home with your new baby

On-site Massage
Stressed after a tough day at work? Massage is offered by qualified massage therapists on site for a low co-payment.

Dry Cleaning
Have your dry-cleaning items picked-up, professionally cleaned and delivered to and from our offices - services available everyday!

On-Site Physician
Enjoy the convenience of an on-site physician to assist you with your urgent care needs on a part-time basis.

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