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An Inside View of Google

GooglerYou won't find any bored engineers at Google. You will find friendly colleagues, fascinating projects, and the opportunity to make life better for tens of millions of people every day. We work on challenging, real-world problems — like crawling and indexing billions of documents, or delivering search results to a mobile phone. We're constantly pushing the limits of what can be done with information. And while we work hard, we also have fun doing it. Google is an unusually open environment where kids feel welcome and the pace is intense, but family-friendly.

We're looking for people with world-class programming skills who are passionate about their work and want to make a difference in the world. Do you thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments? Would you find it satisfying to develop innovative products that actually matter? If so, there are plenty of interesting projects waiting for you at Google.

It's fantastic to come straight out of school and build something that's used by millions of people.
— Lauren, Software Engineer

A great place to work...

• Collegial, family-friendly work environment

• Flexible work hours.

• Ten paid holidays; sick days taken as necessary

• Healthy free meals, massages, gym, on-site doctor


The technical challenges are awesome. When you're indexing billions of documents and handling hundreds of millions of queries a day, no problem is trivial.
— Radhika, Software Engineer

My friends use Google. My parents use Google. It's very satisfying to work on a product that you love.
— Lauren, Software Engineer

I have yet to meet an engineer at Google who isn't working on something fascinating.
— Spencer, Software Engineer

The pace is completely manageable for someone with a family — though if you want to work crazy hours, there are plenty of people to keep you company.
— Sharon, Software Engineer

Googler Profile
Monika Henzinger
Research Director

More than 200 million times a day, someone searches on Google. Monika Henzinger drives the technical research that keeps making those search results better. As a child, Monika wanted to be an astronaut; as research director at Google, she explores frontiers of another sort. With a stellar team of computer scientists, the German-born Ph.D. works to enhance Google's search capabilities and move Google into new areas, such as bringing Google search to wireless devices and — with voice recognition — cell phones. Despite her pivotal role in the lives of millions of search users, Monika's family remains central in her own life: she starts work early and heads out by 5:15 each afternoon to pick up her two daughters at day care.

There are still plenty of open challenges at Google," says Monika, "and there's plenty of interesting work to be done. For example, we're looking for engineers to work with the research team to try out new ideas faster." As she's quick to note, a Google engineer's life is never dull. "One of the amazing things about Google is the huge amount of data we get to work with. Analyzing that data gives us a unique view of how the world is using the Internet — and shows us how we can help them better to find what they're looking for."

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